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    Fiction:  90% of the plastic bags used in Canadian grocery stores are manufactured in China.

    Fact:  No. 90% of the plastic grocery bags used by Canadian retailers are made in Canada/Ontario.

    The Facts

    • 90% of the plastic “grocery bags” used by large retailers are made in this country, not overseas.

    • The economic and employment impact of a plastic bag ban would be significant.
    • This is the same in the United States where the industry reports that 72.5% of plastic shopping bags are made in the U.S. and not off-shore.
    • However, 90% of reusable bags are made off-shore in countries like China.
    • Ontario is the third largest hub for advanced plastic manufacturing in North America.

    • Employment in plastic bag and film manufacturing spans a value chain of machinists, engineers, resin companies, manufacturers, recyclers and remanufacturers. As many as 10,900 Ontarians are employed by the plastics sector (Source: Industry Canada, Canadian Plastics Industry Association).

    More Detail

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