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    The potential health risks associated with the repeated use of reusable carry bags for groceries from bacterial cross contamination are usually ignored or dismissed.

    The Facts

    • Conventional plastic shopping bags provide a sterile, safe environment for transporting groceries. The suggestion that reusable bags could pose a health risk after repeated use is often dismissed as industry scare mongering.

    • This is more an issue related to pubic education about proper use, not about whether the reusable bags pose a health risk.
    • It is highly recommended that reusable bags be washed frequently, if not after every use, to avoid bacterial build up in the bag. Bacteria can cross-contaminate the food carried in the bag and could pose a health risk. Some scientific research has been done on this.
    • Health Canada, after reviewing the scientific research available (funded by the plastics industry), has taken action to protect public health and promote the proper use of the reusable bags. 

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