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    Plastic Bags

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    The Single Use Myth


    Paper vs. Plastic Bags

    Paper vs. Plastic Studies

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    Quick Facts - Toronto Bags by the Numbers

    Number of councillors who voted to ban bags. 20 voted against; 1 absent.

    Percent of plastic grocery bags produced in Canada; mainly in Ontario.

    Number of Ontario companies manufacturing plastic shopping bags.
    Small family-run operations 90% Canadian owned.

    Number of convenience stores in Toronto affected by the ban; 15,000 jobs.

    Number of Ontario jobs involved in manufacturing plastic shopping bags.
    5000 of which are in the Toronto area.
    Most to be eliminated because of the bag ban.

    Number of tonnes of organics diverted from landfill using the plastic shopping bag.
    Organics represent 33% of Toronto landfill.

    Number of tonnes of plastic bags recycled in the blue bin after 80+% reused
    for organics recycling and for household waste; a 15% recycling rate.

    44 %
    Percent of bags reused for organics recycling in Toronto.

    Percent of bags reused as kitchen catchers in Toronto.

    Percent of Torontonians who use reusable bags for grocery shopping.

    Percent of reduction in number of bags due to bag fees in Toronto.
    Bag fees still being charged.

    Number of bag bans in Canada.
    Leaf Rapids MB -532 population; Thompson MB – 12,840; Tofino BC – 1,876;
    WoodBuffalo AB – 66,895; Deux Montagnes PQ –17,550; Hudson- 5,135; Toronto ON -2,615,000

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